Group Workshops


We offer a series of workshops throughout the year covering a variety of subjects. You can either join one of our existing workshops, or you can book a private workshop for a group of 3 families or more.

Here’s some examples of some of the workshops we do:

  • Carrying your newborn baby
  • - Back carrying

    - Post-natal recovery

    - Babywearing and breastfeeding

    What you’d get out of our workshops:

    - Tailored support to empower you and make you feel confident and comfortable carrying your baby

    - In depth knowledge on the chosen subject

    - Continuous support after the workshop on all matters related to the workshop subject

    - 5% Discount on you baby carrier at Ecoroos

    - FREE 2week hire from our demo stock

    Cloth nappies


    It can be a bit overwhelming to start your journey in cloth nappies. The world of cloth nappies is full of conflicting advice. At Ecoroos we are appointed nappy advisors by Derbyshire Dales council.

    We also run the DES Nappy and Sling Library, which is part of the UK Nappy Library Network, so you know that you are getting sound reliable advice.

    Workshops, demos and consultations

    We regularly offer small demos on cloth nappies at our shows. If you’d like some more in-depth advice please contact us. We are also happy to come to your home if you’d like to organise a “nappy meeting” with your friends.

    What you’d get out of your workshop

    - Introduction to reusable nappies, the whys

    - Looking at different types

    - Debunking myths

    - Caring for your nappies

    - Continuous support after the workshop on all matters

    - Discount on your first order at Ecoroos

    - Half price 2week hire from our demo stock

    - Leaflet with council’s £25 cash back incentive.

    Please note that this service is kindly provided by volunteers from DES Nappy & Sling Library and is non-profit service. A small charge may be charged to cover volunteer’s costs and ensure commitment. You can cancel up to 2 weeks in advance and the charge will be refunded to you but unfortunately the charge will be non-refundable with cancellations of less than 2 weeks.

    To enquire about an upcoming worshop or to book a private workshop send us an email at