Personal Consultations

Private babywearing consultations are one to one sessions where we focus on you and your baby and your unique carrying needs and requirements. You may have heard them referred to as baby carrying consultations or infant carrying consultations.

Our consultations are carried out by Paula, a certified and fully insured professional sling consultant. She believes that one never stops learning and believes in keeping her knowledge up to date. She has trained with leading UK, French and Spanish schools and actively attends monthly and bi-anually CPD (Continuous Development Program) sessions. She cares about babies and families thus when you book your session with Paula you are in good hands.


Why book one-to-one help?

So you’ve heard about slings and what a difference in a family’s life they can make… but you feel a little overwhelmed with the choice of slings and baby-carriers on the market.

Or perhaps you have bought a baby-carrier and are not finding it quite comfortable and would like to learn how to make the most out of it.

Perhaps you’ve been using a sling for a few months with your newborn and wonder where to go now to continue carrying.

Maybe you’re a keen “babywearer” and would like to know back carries or new carries.

Or perhaps your baby’s been born prematurely or you’ve had a c-section or you or your baby have very specific carrying needs.

There are many reasons why you may seek some help in your carrying journey. That’s why we offer private consultations with one to one support that is tailored to you and your individual baby-carrying needs.

During our one-to-one sessions you will be guided step by step through every detail of carrying that is relevant to you and your family. By the end of the session you will feel comfortable and confident with your sling... and that's where the life-changing magic begins... all you have to do after that is enjoy your parenthood journey. We strongly believe that carrying your baby close to you will have a positive impact in your life and also in the life of your baby... less crying, better sleep... If you want to find out more why not come along to one of our introduction to slings workshops, book a one-to-one session or attend one of our free sessions?


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Below are some package examples, but remember they are all tailored to you.

Full baby-carrying Consultation £45

Allow: 1.5 hours

Price: £45 (£40 at my home)

What to expect: There is no standard format for a full baby-carrying consultation or babywearing consult; it is designed and tailored to your needs based on your pre-consultation questionnaire. All consultations do cover information about safe and comfortable carrying for your baby and you.

The baby-carrying consultation will be carried out by certified babywearing consultant Paula either in your home or at hers.

This may be for you if: you are a new parent, you are new to babywearing, you have specific concerns or needs like twins or premies, you’d like to learn about woven wraps or you’d like to learn to back carry.

What's also included:


Mini Consultation £25

Allow : 45 minutes

Price: £25 (+£5 for every additional adult)

What to expect: The mini consultation is an in-depth session that assumes some previous knowledge. The session will be tailored to your own needs and requirements after receiving your pre-consultation questionnaire.

The baby-carrying mini consultation will be carried out by certified babywearing consultant Paula either in her home.

It may be for you if: you already have a very clear idea of what you would like, you have used slings before but would like a confidence boost and to review your skills, optimise your comfort and your baby's or you need a follow up from your full consultation, or you are already familiar with your sling but would like to learn a new carry.

What's also included:


Sling Clinic £10

Allow: 15 min

What to Expect: The Sling Clinic is a quick appointment for troubleshooting a carrier that you are already familiar with. It is ideal for small tweaks. It may be ideal if you need a quick demo on a sling that you are hiring out. Please note this is a very quick appointment, and assumes you are already familiar with safety and positioning guidelines and your chosen sling. If you feel you would need a more in-depth session, please book a full or a mini consultation. The baby-carrying Sling Clinic will be carried out by certified babywearing consultant Paula in her home.

This may be for you if: you need a little help improving your comfort, or if you’re using it with your second baby and need a little refresher, or perhaps you just have some concerns that you may want to address or are unsure how to use a newborn insert.

What's also included:

-Exclusive discounts on the slings and baby-carriers in stock at EcoRoos’ Shop.

-Access to discounts from our partners on your chosen sling or baby-carrier.